I watch a lot of those shows on the Science Channel about "How The Universe Works" and similar type programs. They captivate me and blow my mind. 

So it was only natural for me to see (or at least theorize) the connection between how the cosmos works and what it may have in common with drumming. 

My conclusion came down to this: Gravity. 

It seems with all the vast information, stardust, elements, electricity, friction, movement, dimensions, waves, frequencies, and pure energy that exists out there in the universe, the one thing that binds it all together (keeps it in check so to speak) and makes it something a bit more easy to understand is GRAVITY. 

How does that relate to drumming you might ask? Well, I believe that in order to truly be free and stretch out on the instrument, some sort of perimeter must be in place to keep it all together. The cool thing is that the perimeter size can be as little or large as your abilities as a drummer can handle. In other words, the more information, knowledge, skill, background, and experience you have, the larger a perimeter you are able to set. Within the confines of that perimeter, you can use everything you've got and present it in a understandable manner. What is the true gravity drumming? It can be boiled down to one essential word, TIME.

Time can be flexible and or fixed, but it never stops existing and moving forward.

TIME is the drummer's GRAVITY.

Drummers spend most of their time developing their sense of time. The movement from point A to B including the
SPACE in between. We do this,  so that the ideas we have and want to express can be delivered in a way that all can understand or feel.

Why is it when I throw a ball up in the air that it comes back down rather than continuing to float away into our atmosphere and beyond? I'm not exactly sure, I just know that there's this mysterious force called gravity that ensures that it will come back down as I expect it to. That mysterious forces gives me something that I know and understand to be TRUE in the context of living on planet Earth. In the same way, I don't know exactly why a "four on the floor" dance beat or "2nd line New Orleans street beat" gets people moving their bodies in ways that helps them to express themselves. I just know the rhythm and sense of TIME that happens in the groove makes them feel something that they need to let free. A certain feeling that they expect and understand to be true in the context of the music.

So the next time you look up into the night sky and see a vast unending sky of endless potential, think of your drumming in the same way....full of both the known and unknown, and remember that TIME will help bring it all together.