My teaching philosophy is simple:
~ I'm dedicated the highest quality of drumming education by sharing, motivating, and inspiring in every lesson ~

  • I teach what I've learned from my experience as a drummer of nearly 30 years. 
  • I mentor each student and craft a personalized approached based on their individual needs and how they can achieve their drumming goals. 
  • I connect with students by encouraging them, supporting them, and holding them accountable for what they wish to achieve during their time with me. 
  • ‚ÄčI create a positive and fun atmosphere for our lessons. 
  • I teach how to be a musical drummer.
  • I emphasize traditional methods and concepts such as theory, technique, musical history, and musical styles.
  • I believe in the idea the one must learn to crawl before learning how to walk. Step by step with sure footing is the best way to learn the drums. 
  • I believe the student will go as far as they wish as long as they work diligently and follow my guidance. I will not show the student how to play the drums, but I will guide them on how they can show themselves.
  • I emphasize the concept of Endless Potential.