I watch a lot of those shows on the Science Channel about "How The Universe Works" and similar type programs. They captivate me and blow my mind.

So it was only natural for me to see (or at least theorize) the connection between how the cosmos works and what it may have in common with drumming.

Drumming is life, be in the groove, flow effortlessly as time moves.
Miss a beat? Have no fear. Make the next strike, rhythm is always near.

My teaching philosophy is simple:
~ I'm dedicated the highest quality of drumming education by sharing, motivating, and inspiring in every lesson ~

  • I teach what I've learned from my experience as a drummer of nearly 30 years.
  • I mentor each student and craft a personalized approached based on their individual needs and how they can achieve their drumming goals.  

When practicing brand new ideas and concepts, be patient with yourself. It takes time for everything to really come together.

Many of my students will tell you that I sound like a broken record when emphasizing the importance of counting OUT LOUD!   

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